Housing & Land

Housing & Land

The Mount Waddington region abounds with land and real estate opportunities for those seeking to relocate or invest here.  This section will cover some of the baseline information that you need to know.



Planning Policies and Regulation

For everything you need to know on planning policies, regulation and municipal links, please visit the planning department page of the Regional District of Mount Waddington.

Housing Profile

Housing Profile


The 2012 Housing Profile is a collection of real estate, assessment and census data that shows just how affordable, available and attractive residential property in the region can be in contrast to other areas of British Columbia.

Housing profile

Housing for Sale

Housing for Sale

Only a certain amount of residential property that is  for sale can be found through online means, but there are many properties available in many different situations and communities.  The best places to look online, while searching by community name, are:


MLS.CA RECOMMENDED - this link goes directly to the North Island portion of the site.

Hardy Realty

Coast Realty Port Hardy

Coldwell Banker

http://www.fsbo-bc.com/view.htm  (For Sale by Owner)


All Mount Waddington region real estate agents are welcome to send their web links for inclusion on this list.

There are a number of property rental companies in the region - please consult the business directory for further information. 

Land Opportunities

Land Opportunities

Open Market

Those interested in lands and commercial/ residential properties that are currently available on the open market should look at the following resources, searching by North Island community names:


www.icx.ca RECOMMENDED









Potentially Developable Lands

The open market is only a tiny piece of the picture for potential investors.  This section provides an illustrative overview of lands that may be of potential interest to land developers within the Mount Waddington region, inclusive of all four municipalities.  For detailed and accurate information with respect to  vacant lands, undeveloped or underdeveloped properties  within municipal boundaries, please contact either the Village of Alert Bay, Village of Port Alice, Town of Port McNeill or District of Port Hardy directly.

Please be aware that the  map file below  is for illustrative information only and does not indicate land availability fo purchase, lease or any other use.  These maps are only provided for contextual purposes regarding the potential for development in the Mount Waddington region.  The criteria for choosing lands to be represented on the maps was as follows:

  • Lands that have less than $30,000 in total assessed improvements upon them, that also have a BC Assessment land class of either 01,04,05 or,06; Residential (01), Major Industrial (04), Light Industrial (05), and Commercial (06) classes.

This information was  created  by the Economic Development Service of the Regional District of Mount Waddington, with the goal of updating and improving the spatial data on an annual basis for North Island Resource.

If you would like more information on any of the unincorporated lands listed here, please contact the Regional District of Mount Waddington on the understanding that the RDMW cannot disclose the identity of any specific private landowner without their permission.  Again, for detailed and accurate information with respect to vacant lands, undeveloped or underdeveloped properties within municipal boundaries, please contact either the Village of Alert Bay, Village of Port Alice, Town of Port McNeill or District of Port Hardy directly. Local planning bylaws, regulations and zoning restrictions are important to discuss with the municipal officers concerned.

Lands of Interest


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