Finding Workers

Finding Workers

Finding and retaining workers in any rural region of British Columbia can be a challenge for employers of all sizes and sectors.  The Mount Waddington region has a highly skilled, but small, workforce and labour market that requires a number of considerations by employers:

  • Cyclical and seasonal industries like logging, fishing and tourism mean that there are irregular floods and droughts of labour on the market for employers;
  • Certain cyclical, external and seasonal industries pay very well meaning that other employers have to work hard to retain some workers on a permanent or year-round basis;
  • Skill sets that employers need may not be present locally, so employers have to decide whether they train someone, recruit externally or modify their business plan to do without;
  • The North Island needs more working families – there is no shame or stigma attached to recruiting workers from outside of the region as long as they agree to live here;
  • Youth, as is the case in most rural regions, can be desirous of exploring new places and cities for a time in their lives – understanding their commitment to the job and community is important at the time of hiring – as well as ensuring that they understand the long term aspirations of employers;
  • Spouses need jobs too – employers may have to sell the skill set of a candidate’s spouse to other local employers to generate recruitment  success for their own company;
  • Opportunities need to be communicated broadly across many media – one posting in a single location will likely be insufficient to generate interest.


Key regional places to post your opportunity:

Government ministries like Fisheries and Oceans Canada (federal)  and Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations (provincial) are strongly encouraged to always post their Mount Waddington region external opportunities in local media as well as on their own recruitment websites.


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