About The Region

About The Region

The Mount Waddington region is a diverse landscape of unsurpassed natural beauty, encompassing the northern third of Vancouver Island, smaller adjacent islands and a large area of British Columbia's mainland. With a comparatively small population of approximately 12,000 residents, it is nevertheless one of the most important timber production areas in Canada, home to approximately half the farmed salmon production on the BC Pacific Coast and the location of one of the few specialty cellulose mills (sulphite pulp) on the continent. The region’s distance from and comparative size to larger centres is an asset that makes its communities unique, safe and desirable to live in. It has considerable resources over a large land base (20,288.4 square kilometres/ 7833.4 square miles) that includes forest, mineral, water, fish and alternative energy. The landscape, communities, fish and wildlife combine to support a strong seasonal visitor economy.


The sense of community, wherever you live on the North Island, is what brings people to come and stay. Coupled with relatively low property tax burdens and real estate values, there are good arguments for relocating here when opportunities arise. Most of the essential services available in larger centres are found right here and we have a vibrant range of community organizations run by committed individuals.

The North Island boasts a culturally rich and growing First Nations population who are today playing an increasingly critical role in the social and economic destiny of the region. Major recent economic initiatives like Orca Sand and Gravel and the Kwagis Power Hydroelectric Project have been spearheaded and brought to fruition by our local First Nations, with a great deal more planned for the future.



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